Happy Monday


Projector Glitter

I don’t know about you, but I am getting super excited for the holidays (and of course a few days with no work). I only have five business days of work left before a week off. It feels like this year has gone by so fast (I haven’t even put up my Christmas tree yet!) so I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxation before the year comes to a close.

So for all of you working your last Monday of the year, hope it’s great!

* Pic was taken for one my class assignments on slow shutter speeds

Earlier this year the Husband and I traveled to New Orleans for a wedding and a weekend of exploring. It was our first trip to the city and it was just as amazing as we hoped it would be! It’s such a beautiful and vibrant place that we decided to make a little video of our trip.

p.s – Since The Husband did most of the filming it kind of looks like I was on vacation by myself and all I did was go to different bars. While that is a big part of what I did, I swear I wasnt alone :)

Chicago Flag

Last weekend I made a quick trip to Chicago, one of my favorite cities. The fact that we were going to Chicago to attend the wedding of great friends made the trip even better. I had a wonderful time hanging out with family, checking out the newest doughnut shop (Firecakes) and of course celebrating a whole lot. Between the wedding ceremony and reception, our wedding group took a trolley all around the city to take pictures and indulge with some champagne. Isn’t that awesome?! It might be my new favorite way to sightsee.

Here are a few pics from my quick trip.

ChicagoThe BeanArt InstituteDowntownFirecakes


Happy traveling!


Happy Weekend!



Digby on Halloween

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! We handed out candy and watched horror movies for most of the night. I resisted the urge to dress Digby up this year, so I’m pulling this pic from the archives.

Have a fantastic weekend!


A Boy and His Dog

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was full of activity. Not only did I get in tons of quality time with Digby and The Husband but I also chaperoned a high school dance (while dressed as a zombie). I think I’ve reached a whole new level of adulthood.

Digby_2A Boy and His Dog




Vans - Jump

Big thanks to my wonderful husband/photo assistant for jumping over and over again until I got the shot I wanted. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

Two Lads

Last weekend I was able to spend some time up in Northern Michigan with my parents. I had a great time stopping by some of my favorite spots (read more about there here) and checking out a few new places. We visited Two Lads Winery on Old Mission Penninsula, took a long walk around the lighthouse and sat in front of the wood burning stove. The weekend was cold, overcast and rainy, pretty much my favorite type of weather. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Old Mission Lighthouse WalkTwo Lads WineryDead End

Morning Coffee


Morning Coffee

It’s been almost a month since my last post so I figured it’s about time to check in. I’ve been keeping busy with work, film projects and a new photo class at UCLA. I used to hate Mondays (as most people do) but they’ve become a favorite of mine now that I have photography class to look forward to. Of all the wonderful things that have come out of this blog, my love for photography is definitely at the top. This week I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with shutter speed so I thought I’d share a few outtakes. And since it is Monday after all, I figured coffee would be pretty appropriate.

Morning Coffee