It's finally Friday, woot woot! This was a long week and I am really looking forward to the weekend. 

For your listening pleasure, here is "Kids" by blog phenom duo Sleigh Bells.


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I love, love, love the holiday season! I shouldn't readily admit this, but I have been thinking about holiday deocorations and presents I want to make for over a month. This year many of my fall projects will involve DIY Christmas presents and some fabulous home decorations. I've been cruising Pinterest for some inspiration and have found so many awesome ideas I am raring to go! For people who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically an online clipboard. Anything you find online, like a recipe or cool jeans or a DIY tutorial, you can "pin" the image to one of your virtual boards for later reference and to share with other Pinteresters. 

My goal for this year is to make at least half of the gifts I plan to give and to start decorating my house with fall decorations ASAP. Here are a few of pics I've found on Pinterest that I will use for inspiration this weekend. 4 Fall Projectsgarland pic & original source / lightbulb pic & original source / magnet pic & original source / mirror pic & original source

Happy crafting!

Flower Market inside
I recently went to the Flower Dsictrict in downtown LA and let me tell you, it was awesome! Every once in a while the flower district would pop into my head and I’d make a mental note to plan a trip, but somehow after three years I still hadn’t been. Since last weekend was full of adventure and activity it seemed like the perfect time to finally make this normally fleeting thought a reality.

The flower market has two different admission options: public and wholesale. As cool as it seems to be a wholesale vendor that wakes up at 2am to get the freshest flowers, I am just a casual attendee so I paid the one dollar entrance fee. I meant to get up early and arrive by 7am, but instead I laid in bed debating if I wanted to get up for about 30 minutes so we didn’t arrive at the market until 8:30-ish (we also made a stop at delectable coffeeshop ¬†Bricks and Scones in Larchmont Village – quick tip, btw: Don’t let your Larchmont parking meter expire or you will get a $58 dollar ticket! Ugh.).

Once you pay the incredibly reasonable admission fee, you have access to two giant warehouses of beautiful flowers. Simply walking through the market is a pretty memorable experience. There are flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors and they seem to keep going on forever. By 8:30am the market was busy with people, but not so crowded that I’d recommend you get there crazy early or anything. We did two loops around each warehouse because I wanted to scope it out in it’s glorious entirety before I committed.

I ended up buying three large bouquets that I put together as well as a random little plant and some flowers for small bud vases. Overall I spent about $45, but I think if I had bought the flowers elsewhere I would have spent at least $60 or maybe more.

Flower DistrictFlowers wide 1

It was so fun to come home and put all my flowers together in vases and spread them around the house. If you love having a house full of flowers but don’t want to drop too much dough, this is the place for you. I plan on being a repeat customer.

Happy adventuring!

366 Days Later


366 days ago the Husband and I got married in Northern Michigan. It was pretty much the best weekend ever, because it was spent celebrating with my favorite people in my favorite place. To celebrate our anniversary, we had a weekend full of adventures in and around LA and managed to do our fair share of reminiscing as well. I'll share some of our weekend adventures over the next few days, but today I want to post a few photos of my previously mentioned favorite place: Northern Michigan.

I have been visiting Michigan ever since I was little girl. I love the lakes, the people, Traverse City and all the neighboring towns. Here are a few of my favorite Northern Michigan landscape photos. If any of you haven't had the chance to visite Traverse City yet, I hope you get the opportunity someday soon. 

Northen Michigan Landscapes


I am very happy to report that I've been keeping up with my runs. My plan is to run three to four times a week and so far I've stuck with it. This week, I increased my run time and I'm feeling good. As I approach the six week mark (when I always quit) I am trying to remain enthusiastic and celebrate my progress, like running for an extra five minutes. 

Happy running!

The 27 List


In honor of my birthday last weekend, I created my "27 list." I've seen many other people on the web do this and always thought it seemed like a fun idea. I made a list of 27 things I want to do now that I'm 27. I've always been a big list person and am much more likely to get something done if it's written down. So here they are: the 27 things I want to do this year. Some are small and easy, some are a bit more time-consuming and difficult. They are not listed in any particular order and I am equally excited for all of them.



I had such a great time in Portland that I wanted to capture our trip in a little book. I tend to take tons of photos on vacation and grab business cards and phamplets from everywhere I go, so I figured it was time to compile it.

I loved making my little Portland book and have already read through it several times in the last few days. Can’t wait to make my next one!

Portland book front coverPortland book - page 1Portland book - page 2Portland book - page 3Portland book - page 4Portland book - page 5Portland book - page 6Portland book - page 7Portland book - page 8Portland book - back cover

Happy crafting!

Nikki McClure sign
My trip to Portland happened to coincide with the New York Times 36 Hours in Portland feature. One item that caught my eye on the list was the Museum of Contemporary Craft

We made our way over the museum on Saturday and as we approached the building I saw the "Craft" sign and knew I was going to love it.

The featured exhibit was Nikki McClure: Cutting Her Own Path. And let me tell you, it was amazing. Like really, really amazing. The bio from her website describes her work and process:  "Armed with an X-acto knife, she cuts out her images from a single sheet of paper and creates a bold language that translates the complex poetry of motherhood, nature, and activism into a simple and endearing picture." What a perfect description of her work! Basically she does the most beautiful cutouts you have ever seen. They are emtremely intricate and detailed and yet convey such a wealth of information with economic design and few well-placed splashes of bold primary colors. In addition to her cutout art pieces (at least one of which I have sworn to one day own for myself) she has also designed and illustrated books, calendars and riot grrrl album art. Below are a few pictures of her work. They don't convey fully the level of detail you would see in person, so I highly reccomned you check her out.Inside Portland Craft Museum

Nikki McClure art pieces
Nikki McClure books
Upstairs the museum had a wonderful participatory feature called the CraftLab. There was a whole table filled with supplies encouraging everyone to create their own paper cut projects inspired by Nikki's work. As the craft wall said, "CraftLab: The Community Wall – Your participation completes the museum experience." And it really did complete the experience for me. We spent an absurd amount of time creating our paper cuts. It was a phenomenal collaborative project. Very inspiring and very fun!

Paper Cuts - Portland Craft Museum Paper Cuts Supplies - Portland Craft Museum

Hard at Work #1 - Portland Craft Museum

Hard at work #2 - Portland Craft Museum
Diamond Cut Out - Portland Craft Museum

Cutting #1 - Portland Craft Museum

Paper Cuts Hanging - Portland Craft Museum
Once our creations were complete, we hung them up on the wall and I left the museum feeling like part of the Portland community and very inspired to find my next project.

Happy crafting!