I am one of those people that moves into a new place and takes forever to unpack boxes. Once I get the boxes unpacked, I set up the living room and dining room and then run out of steam. I think it's because I have some really great staples for the living/dining room like rugs, lamps and prints, but I don't have much in terms of accessories for the office/spare room and bedroom. I love apartments that look effortless but also complete. I pretty much drool over most apartments that I see in Apartment Therapy or similiar design websites. And you know what, if they can do it, I can do it!


So, Operation: Bedroom Makeover starts now. I want this project to move quickly and stay on budget. So here is my plan:

  • Make DIY carpet, inspired by this pin (original source)
  • Make DIY headboard, inspired by this pin (original source)
  • Make DIY curtains
  • Order new bookshelf (on clearance sale!) from Target
  • Make or find something to hang on the walls

I want this project to be done by Thanksgiving and I'm allowing myself $200 for the full makeover. Cross your fingers that I can do it!

I will post my before and after pictures once complete. I don't want to scare you with the before picture now :)